Taylor Schock 

Senior EHS Regulatory Consultant


Taylor Schock has been with Enhesa since 2021. As a licensed U.S. attorney, he holds a Juris Doctor (JD) with a certification in Environmental Law and a Bachelor’s degree in History. He now supports the team as a Senior EHS Regulatory Consultant. 

In his work in the EHS Regulatory arena, Taylor assists companies to prepare for, and comply with, current and emerging environmental, health, and safety laws in a variety of industries. By doing so, he helps companies reduce the environmental impact of their operations and products while reducing occupational risk to both employees and consumers.  

As a Senior EHS Regulatory Consultant, Taylor enjoys tracking new legal and regulatory EHS and ESG developments, analyzing their impacts, and providing this analysis to international companies to support their compliance goals. 

The EHS topic he is most passionate about is helping industries achieve sustainable operations at the corporate or facility level or within the environmental, social, or governance contexts.  

When asked about his hopes and vision for the future, Taylor responded, “ I believe that sustainable industry practices are key to achieving a sustainable world for all people. The private sector plays a large role in leading innovation and providing impactful solutions to global problems. My hope is that through continued engagement with equitable standards, companies can help lead our conglomerative global society into a more sustainable future that maintains stable environments, healthy populations, and ethical business practices.” 

Taylor believes that his work at Enhesa and the work of his peers is helping clients ensure the integrity of their operations within the EHS and ESG contexts throughout a range of jurisdictions around the world. 

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