Verifiable sustainability and ESG reporting starts with strong EHS data

Read why Enhesa Compliance Intelligence is your first step to meeting today’s sustainability and ESG reporting challenge.

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Save time, resources, and your corporate reputation with solid EHS compliance data as your ESG foundation.


Standardized EHS regulatory info that translates into verifiable ESG data.


Coverage of essential topics for both compliance and sustainability teams


The industry’s widest reaching view of EHS and sustainability developments.

Your ESG data depends on EHS Compliance Intelligence.

Your ESG reporting will only be as good as the data you start with. Build it on the strongest foundation possible. Enhesa Compliance Intelligence empowers your team to understand
and meet EHS requirements everywhere you operate.

This clear, consistent, verifiable data is the bedrock of your sustainability and ESG reporting – equipping both your EHS compliance and ESG/sustainability professionals with the industry’s best regulatory insights and data. All from one single trustworthy source of truth.


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You need the right kind of data.

Many countries have already mandated ESG and sustainability reporting. Unprecedented developments like the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) are defining requirements for reporting that are detailed, transparent and verifiable. And that’s just the beginning.

Even if you’re already using your EHS compliance metrics as your starting point – you must be sure that it’s showing the right information, in the right way.

Enhesa Compliance Intelligence standardizes topic areas across all your facilities, setting up consistency for both EHS and ESG requirements.

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Our trusted standard topic categorization and global taxonomy create a framework for the transparency and accountability now required of ESG and sustainability data.

You shouldn’t have to work so hard to find ESG information.

Sourcing data for ESG and sustainability reporting can be challenging and time-consuming. Enhesa Compliance Intelligence changes that, enabling much of the data your EHS teams manage and report on to be leveraged as a basis for any ESG and sustainability reporting.

Enhesa Compliance Intelligence provides actionable insights across 250 essential topics in environmental, health, and safety regulation – equipping you with the data to stay compliant and support your ESG reporting.


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60% of the EHS topics Enhesa Compliance Intelligence covers are directly relevant to your ESG reporting

Environmental pillar

57 related categories

Social pillar

45 related categories

Governance pillar

Designed for effective compliance management
  • Climate change & climate change policy
  • Air emissions restrictions
  • Renewable energy
  • Waste disposal operations
  • Wastewater policy
  • and more!
  • Occupational health and safety training
  • Risk assessment
  • Requirements for protected classes of employees
  • Workplace violence, pestering sexual harassment
  • Workplace stress
  • and more!
Supported by:
  • Understanding of regulatory requirements
  • Standardized tracking and reporting on compliance
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You risk too much when you get it wrong.

ESG and sustainability reporting is now obligatory and of equal importance as financial reporting. As we feel the impact of recent regulatory shifts from voluntary to mandatory reporting, businesses who aren’t ahead of requirements will get left behind. Reduce your risk with the industry’s highest quality EHS compliance data: trustworthy, verifiable, and auditable.

Enhesa Compliance Intelligence expands your regulatory outlook into a wider view of risk with unmatched quality and coverage of environmental, health, and safety requirements for 300+ jurisdictions.


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Protect your business from


Costly non-compliance

On top of EHS regulations, new ESG and sustainability reporting regulations are entering the arena.


Lost ticket to trade

New reporting directives like the CSRD require detailed reporting for companies based on where they sell, not just where they operate.


Damaged reputation

Investors, value chains, consumers, and regulators all have their eyes on how well (or not) businesses are managing ESG issues.


Business closure

No market access, no buyers means no business – and this road to ruin is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid.

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