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Enhesa News

Paul Beatley to Speak About the Latest Regulatory Changes Affecting EHS in Latin America

13 February, 2015
You are invited to attend a half-day session focusing on recent and potential EHS regulatory developments in key South American countries. Paul Beatley, Director of Enhesa, will present/moderate a casual discussion highlighting the latest regulatory changes in EHS, focusing specifically on waste...

Jillian Bernstein will Present Top Enforcement Actions of the EPA, OSHA and DOT at the Auditing Roundtable's 2015 Winter National Meeting

11 February, 2015
Jillian Bernstein, an EHS Regulatory Consultant with Enhesa, will be giving a short presentation at the Auditing Roundtable’s 2015 Winter National Meeting and Training taking place February 23-25 in Phoenix, Arizona. Presenting on the top enforcement actions in the United States by the EPA, OSHA,...

Enhesa's 2015 EHS Regulatory Forecast

21 January, 2015
This February, Enhesa will host their first webinar of 2015. Capitilizing on the expertise of our in-house team of 75 consultants from over 40 countries monitoring EHS and product related regulatory developments in more than 200 jurisdictions around the world, Enhesa's 2015 Global EHS Regulatory...

The Auditing Roundtable Hosts Webinar in Partnership with Enhesa

7 November, 2014
As 2014 draws to a close, Enhesa is able to reflect on its forecast from previous years and look at how the trends identified then have evolved. Over the intervening years we have seen several countries make bold changes and we have witnessed enforcement intensity dramatically increase in several...

Enhesa Selected to Present at Going Green-CARE INNOVATION 2014 Conference and Exhibition on Electronics and the Environment

27 October, 2014
Very few regulations are ever written from scratch. On rare occasions, a regulator in one country will take an initiative that is unique and stands out amongst the rest. If it fails, everybody will forget about it. If it works, it will garner attention and may be replicated. With every copy made...

Enhesa to Exhibit at Intelex User Conference

6 October, 2014
Each year the Intelex User Conference provides system users with a forum to get hands-on training, learn and share best practices, and get valuable face time with Intelex experts. The entire purpose of the conference is to ensure that over the three days spent in Toronto, system administrators and...

Enhesa Presents at NOSA's Annual Occupational Risk Management Conference and Exhibition in South Africa

24 September, 2014
This past September (9-12th), Enhesa took part in NOSA's Annual Occupational Risk Management Conference and Exhibition in South Africa. Ronald Musukutwa, Team Lead (Africa, Asia, Middle East) and EHS Regulatory Consultant at Enhesa, presented on EHS regulatory developments and trends in Africa....


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