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In our full glossary you can check the correct supply-chain terms, understand the nuances in language and keep in the know about what acronyms mean. With regulations now vitally important around the kinds of chemicals you use in products and processes, you also need a good grounding in the realities of your supply chain. For keeping up-to-date and ensuring you know your LCA from your EMS and which ISOs are key, use our guide as a point of reference every time.

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Unravel industry terms and jargon that may be unfamiliar.

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Avoid confusion and ensure team members use the same terms.

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Find references you need to know, at-a-glance, easily.


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Our glossary of supply-chain terms acts as a concise guide for those key terms, expressions – as well as organizations and standards, that you need to know when engaging with suppliers about chemicals and sustainability.

Enjoy clarity, knowledge and understanding that comes with this comprehensive guide of the most important meanings.

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Never lose sight of important terms and insights around supply chains, to easier manage engagement around chemical transparency.

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