How can SciveraLENS® help Toxicologists?

It helps in 5 ways – and counting. Read why SciveraLENS is a resource – not a replacement – for those working on CHAs.

When we first launched SciveraLENS, there was concern from toxicologists. Mainly, would they be replaced by this new technology? In the years that followed, SciveraLENS has proven to not only be a resource for toxicology teams, but an essential asset. Here are a few ways SciveraLENS supports in-house toxicology teams:

Saving time. Chemical hazard assessments (CHAs) can take upwards of a week to complete depending on the complexity of the chemical in question. With SciveraLENS’s shared library of knowledge, toxicologists have access to more than 4,000 CHAs from our board-certified toxicologists and a catalogue of tens of thousands of chemicals—all available in real-time.

“Hazard screening and assessment take a long time. SciveraLENS provides an expedited way to access the hazard assessment that is very thorough. And the functionality sells itself. If you know just a little bit about how to approach hazard assessments you would see that it saves you time.”—Kwaku Agyekum, Senior Toxicologist, Mission Team, Global product safety, BeautyCounter

Diving deeper. Both because of the time saved from having to complete CHAs, as well as the in-depth knowledge housed within SciveraLENS, toxicologists can refocus their efforts to answering more complex questions. Another way of putting it? SciveraLENS can help give you the bandwidth to focus on the fun stuff.

“Because of Scivera, I have the opportunity to dig in deeper on some bigger questions that need more of my expertise….as opposed to chasing down research on all these chemicals since I can get through all the information really quickly with SciveraLENS.”—Will Mbiya, Chemistry Manager, Nike

Researching alternatives. When a chemical does come back with a problematic hazard assessment, figuring out the next step can take a lot of time and energy. SciveraLENS expedites the process by showing possible alternatives, helping you figure out possible solutions.

“A lot of new chemicals don’t have a ton of data associated with them. So SciveraLENS provides a very quick way for someone trying to find something new to get as much data in one place to look at. It’s also very useful for looking at the alternatives. If I plug in a chemical we’re interested in, look at the hazard assessment, I can then start looking at alternatives to see how it’s performing in comparison.”—Eric Raftery, Green Chemist, Packaging, BeautyCounter

Providing a sounding board. A second opinion can sometimes be hard to come by if you have a small team. Our team of board-certified toxicologists are just an email away, ready to answer any questions you may have.

Delivering peace of mind. We know you have this on your own, but we’ve heard from clients that they can end their day on a positive note knowing that their team has been able to do the best job possible because it has the best resource available: SciveraLENS.

“For us, Kwaku bringing Scivera to the team has not only expedited the process but at the same time it has given me more peace of mind to know that we are not missing things.”—Lindsay Dahl, SVP of the Mission Team, BeautyCounter

So how will SciveraLENS help you? Let’s find out, contact to learn more.