How can we successfully scale up certifications?

The answer lies in leveraging more chemical knowledge in a more efficient way.

With PFAS being discussed in Congress and broader society, chemicals are on everyone’s mind. As such, chemical certification programs like Screened Chemistry and EIM are becoming more and more essential in the apparel industry as brands are searching for ways to show consumers that their products are safe.

With more companies seeking product certification, there becomes a classic supply/demand problem. The length of time to get these certifications in the past has been incredibly long, and thus seen as very costly given the number of employee hours needed to gather the necessary information. So how can we scale up certification programs safely and effectively?

Simply put, user-centered technology coupled with a shift in mentality as to how we view chemical information. Placing that into context, since its inception seven years ago, EIM has been able to issue about 230 product scores on their own. In contrast, the SciveraLENS® platform was able to issue over 500 EIM scores in less than a year using the same disclosure criteria.

This is because SciveraLENS is built on a shared library of chemical knowledge. This is unique to any other chemical platform in existence. Essentially how it works is when a user uploads the information for Chemical X (yes, dear readers, we’re making Power Puff Girls today), that information goes into the SciveraLENS library where our team of certified toxicologists can assess the chemical for safety through a variety of environmental and biological factors. Then, if another user also uses Chemical X in their product, they are able to access that work from the SciveraLENS toxicology team at the click of a button to see if it’s safe to use in their application (maybe they’re making Power Puff Boys). Simultaneously, suppliers are able to upload their formula information without having to disclose specific chemicals to ensure their proprietary information remains secret.

So this, coupled with an easy-to-understand user interface allows for the data gathering and certifying process to be cheaper and faster without sacrificing integrity, allowing for a successful scale up of chemical certification programs—an essential step in the journey to safer products.

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