Scivera teams up with Goblu and the BHive to broadcast safer textile chemicals

In this new collaboration, the EIM platform will be receiving safer chemistry scores from SciveraLENS® as a critical enhancement to that component within the EIM system.


Monday January 4, 2021

CHARLOTTESVILLE (USA); VALENCIA (SPAIN) (January 4, 2021) Global safer chemistry software provider, Scivera, and textile processing equipment maker, Jeanologia, today announced a new collaboration to provide safer and sustainable chemistry insight to the global apparel industry. Jeanologia provides its EIM software platform to apparel processing facilities to enable measurement and management of key product sustainability metrics: water, energy, and chemistry. In this new collaboration, the EIM platform will be receiving safer chemistry scores from SciveraLENS as a critical enhancement to that component within the EIM system.

For years, Jeanologia has used data available from chemical suppliers to calculate a chemical score for each formulation used in a process. The EIM platform would then calculate an aggregated chemical score for an apparel product based on all chemical process inputs used in its manufacture. Beginning in early 2021, the EIM platform will receive chemistry scores directly from the SciveraLENS software platform, drawing upon Scivera’s leading work in toxicology and safer chemistry innovation for consumer products.

This Trans-Atlantic collaboration between Jeanologia and Scivera got its start in consultation with the sustainability and innovation teams at Levi Strauss & Co (LS&Co), which developed the Screened Chemistry scoring and certification program for textile chemicals and is a founding brand in the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme. The safer chemistry scoring from SciveraLENS and the holistic sustainability scoring in EIM can together deliver robust safer chemistry information during chemical sourcing and product manufacturing in facilities worldwide. Chemical suppliers that make use of the SciveraLENS platform realize advantages in formulating safer chemical products by sourcing safer components and gaining valuable insight from the platform’s ability to compare chemicals to improve safety and sustainability. Apparel product manufacturers will similarly gain access to safer chemistry information when developing product chemical recipes to improve the overall safety and sustainability in the apparel manufacturing process.

Combining the power of Jeanologia’s EIM platform with SciveraLENS will support the acceleration of safer chemicals selection and use in the apparel industry. “My colleagues and I at Scivera are proud to be collaborating with Jeanologia and LS&Co on this important effort toward verifiable sustainability achievement for the global apparel supply chain,” said Joe Rinkevich, Scivera Founder & President. “The SciveraLENS integration with EIM will make safer chemistry work easier and more cost effective for chemical suppliers, as well as apparel manufacturers, and brands,” added Jeanologia’s Begoña Garcia R&D Sustainable Processing. “This collaboration also creates a valuable process for retailers to measure, track, and verify sustainability achievement of products across water, energy, and chemistry metrics, using a common industry standard.”

About Jeanologia:
Since 1994 Jeanologia’s mission has been to create an ethical, sustainable, and eco-efficient textile and apparel industry through their disruptive technology and know-how. Their laser, G2 ozone, e-flow, Smart Boxes and H2Zero, have revolutionized the textile industry. They offer infinite design and fabric and garment finishing possibilities, while saving water, energy, and chemicals, eliminating discharge and toxic emissions. The Spain-based company has customers including some of the industry’s largest brands in over 65 countries across five continents. For more information, visit

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About Scivera:
Founded in 2008, Scivera is recognized as an innovator and leader in making the identification and replacement of hazardous chemicals in products simple, fast, and cost-effective. The company has built the most comprehensive resource for Chemical Hazard Assessments (CHA) verified by its board-certified toxicologists, with over 4,000 verified CHAs and tens of thousands of additional CHAs available to subscribers. This information is made available to professionals worldwide through the innovative cloud-based platform, SciveraLENS®, bringing scalable, data-driven, chemicals management and safer alternatives exploration to all participants in the global consumer products supply chain.

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