SciVera releases SciVeraLENS® version2 to customers.

Today SciVera delivered a broad range of new functionality and features to its customers with the release of SciVera Lens2.

Today SciVera delivered a broad range of new functionality and features to its customers with the release of SciVera Lens2. Since the launch of SciVera Lens in August 2009, SciVera has added a variety of improvements in response to customer requests and internal development projects. “We are constantly deploying new features to our customers” says Joe Rinkevich, SciVera’s Founder and CEO. “We built SciVera Lens on a ‘Software-as-a-Service’ (SaaS) delivery model, which makes it very efficient for our customers to realize improvements to their SciVera products. Upgrade efficiency is one of the many benefits of a Web-based platform like SciVera Lens.”

The Lens2 milestone brings several new features to the platform for customers in several industries. Subscribers can now connect with selected suppliers to import their material and component toxicologiocal asessment results without receiving any of the supplier’s confidential ingredient information. “This is a feature we’ve been developing since establishing SciVera in early 2009.” says Rinkevich,”The power of secure material assessment sharing while protecting confidential ingredient information is a critical requirement for many supplier-customer relationships. We’ve been able to achieve this in the context of materials assessment. It’s proving to be a big help in many supply chains.”

With Lens2, customers can also screen thousands of products, materials and chemicals coming from their supplier network against any number of Restricted Substance Lists (RSLs). This feature enables a customer to select RSLs (eg, SVHC, SIN-List, an internal or industry RSL or any individual substance) for notification any time that substance is present in BOM or BOS data in their Lens2 system. It’s a reliable and cost-effective solution to an increasingly vexing challenge for more and more manufacturers.

Rinkevich adds, “My colleagues and I have been in the business of helping companies make cost-effective material and chemical decisions for many years. SciVera Lens2 provides an efficient, scalable solution for experts and non-experts on chemicals issues. We built SciVera Lens to meet the requirements of businesses working to respond to growing regulatory and market drivers on the topic of chemicals in products.”

SciVera Lens2 includes many additional features to help companies and their suppliers make reliable and secure decisions about their products, materials and chemicals with regard to potential human and environmental hazard and risk.