Streamline your EHS compliance management and mitigate risks with less effort.

Expand your EHS compliance view: Uncover your regulatory landscape, understand exactly how to meet requirements and enhance reporting.



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by Sunita Paudyal


See all requirements in one central, global view

Manage compliance across all your facilities with your entire EHS&S scope at hand.


Detect more of your EHS compliance obligations

See and track the bigger picture of what’s threatening your business


Measure more effectively with standardized reporting

Monitor and share progress from the same perspective through a consistent format, site to site.

What’s in it for you?

  • Visualize your EHS risk exposure with an expansive outlook across jurisdictions 
  • Be confident in your EHS compliance with a clear, consolidated view of regulations 
  • Streamline your EHS compliance management with one central, standardized source 
  • Empower local teams with active legal registers and actionable insights to adapt 
  • Free up time for data-driven decision-making with more operational efficiency 

60% of clients say staying up to date on new and upcoming regulatory developments is the biggest challenge in today’s landscape.

Discover how easy it can be to streamline your EHS compliance management

Watch how Enhesa’s Compliance Intelligence and Regulatory Baseline can revolutionize the way you manage, track and mitigate EHS compliance risk in your business with: 

  • One centralized, corporate global dashboard  
  • Standardized reporting and audit applicability  
  • Active legal register management  
  • Tailored site-by-site views and full-text legislations 

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