Enhesa expands Sustainability and ESG intelligence offerings

Integrating a comprehensive suite of Operations Compliance, Sustainable Chemistry and Product Safety solutions.

You might have noticed a few changes here at Enhesa over the course of 2023 – most particularly, in how we look. It may be less noticable for clients that have known Enhesa for longer, but things have certainly undergone a refresh for clients that have been introduced via our member brands.

Here’s a concise summary of what we’ve done.

One Enhesa brand.

In spring 2023, we told you that the new enhesa.com wasn’t going to just be a simple aesthetic change. Our new website is part of a larger brand evolution that eventually incorporates Enhesa’s existing standalone member brands into one parent Enhesa brand.

We’re excited to announce that that day has come, as now all our Enhesa services, as well as Chemical Watch, Toxplanet and Scivera, are proudly housed under the central Enhesa brand. Additionally, RegScan will continue to live as an Enhesa, yet independent, brand.

A logical next step: The launch of our Sustainability & ESG pillar.

As 2023 draws to close, we ‘re excited to announce the launch of our new Sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) specialization pillar. Sustainability & ESG is Enhesa’s fourth business specialization, joining our Operations, Product and Sustainable Chemistry areas of expertise – and everything you can now find in the refreshed main navigation on our website.

The creation of this new Sustainability & ESG pillar gives Enhesa a comprehensive suite of regulatory content and sustainability intelligence solutions focused on helping global corporations navigate the fast-moving and constantly changing sustainability & ESG landscape. The segment will deliver up-to-date detailed guidance on a global scale, as well as inform and support business leaders in understanding the evolving regulatory compliance requirements and best practices for their organizations.

This all helps set Enhesa apart as a leader in our space. We now deliver a 360-degree view of regulatory and sustainability intelligence for every stage of our clients’ businesses, and our new brand identity showcases the amazing depth and breadth of critical intelligence we bring to bear.

Helping clients mitigate corporate risk.

With this journey, we created a single source for critical regulatory and sustainability intelligence to address all facets of corporate risk associated with EHS, sustainability and chemical safety management.

Rest assured that all our clients will still receive the same great service and have access to the same industry-leading solutions they’ve always had. Our new brand position shines a spotlight on how Enhesa is growing and evolving as a company – and where we can even improve things we already do well!

We believe this holistic approach will help better articulate the strengths we bring to the market while bolstering our client-facing offerings.

We’re excited about our next chapter and look forward to helping you achieve your sustainability goals in the coming years.


Read the press release announcing the expansion of our offerings and the completion of all member brands into the parent Enhesa brand here: https://www.enhesa.com/landing/enhesa-expands-sustainability-esg-offerings/ 

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