Chemicals Management: Navigating chemicals compliance and product stewardship

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Chemicals management is an essential activity for professionals working in product safety and compliance. It encompasses a broad range of activities, all of which aim to minimise the product safety and environmental risks associated with hazardous substances and ensure their safe and responsible use.
By implementing robust chemicals management and chemicals control practices, compliance teams can ensure chemicals of concern are effectively handled throughout their entire lifecycle, from production to disposal.

Chemicals management and control activities include:


Chemical regulations and compliance

Staying up to date with the changing chemical regulatory landscape by understanding and complying with the chemicals regulations, chemical policies, and chemical legislation imposed by regional, national and international regulatory authorities.


Chemicals labelling and safety data

Proper labelling and effective communication of chemical hazards are essential to ensure chemicals of concern are handled safely. Chemicals management therefore includes compliance with chemicals labelling requirements and the generation and dissemination of chemical safety data sheets (SDS).


Chemicals of concern and substances management

Identifying and managing chemicals of concern, such as hazardous substances or those with potential adverse effects, is a key aspect of chemicals management. It involves monitoring and evaluating the impact of chemicals, implementing risk assessment strategies, and establishing measures to mitigate their risks.

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