Product Compliance Beyond Chemicals

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Learn how the regulatory landscape for end-to-end product safety beyond chemicals is changing.

Plus, find out what is on the product compliance agenda for products with EEE, textiles, furniture, machinery, and connectivity features. 

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Beyond chemicals: A closer look at end-to-end product compliance

Product safety professionals handle a broad range of compliance regulations throughout the product lifecycle. Compliance impacts decisions around the use of raw materials, market access, and end-of-life considerations.

In this guide to product compliance beyond chemicals, we’ll explore how the regulatory landscape for product safety is evolving, the challenges posed by increasingly complex products, and what’s on the horizon for regulatory compliance.

Our guide covers 3 things you need to know to understand product compliance beyond chemicals: 

  • We’ll examine how complex products mean complex compliance by looking at the breakdown of a smartwatch.  
  • We’ll also explore how Enhesa Product Intelligence can help you stay ahead of the curve with our Regulatory Database solution.  
  • Finally, we’ll provide a look at what’s coming up on the product compliance agenda. 

Stay informed about product compliance and keep your business ahead of the curve with Enhesa’s comprehensive guide to product compliance beyond chemicals.

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From design to end of life

Through our recently launched Regulatory Database content sets, Enhesa Product Intelligence helps product safety professionals tackle compliance issues through the full lifecycle of a product – as well as issues related to the finished product.




Product design

  • Lifecycle analysis
  • Chemical restrictions
  • Safety requirements
  • Sourcing requirements

Marketing conditions

  • Supplier and product registration
  • Compulsory product certification
  • Packaging (inner)
  • Compulsory labelling
  • User information
  • Import and export restrictions
  • Advertising and promotion
  • Product recalls

Marketing facilitator

  • Industry initiatives
  • Voluntary labelling
  • Fiscal incentives
  • Green awards

Distribution & use

  • Packaging (outer)
  • Lifetime, service, and repair

End-of-life & recycling

  • Take-back
  • Reverse logistics
  • Recycling
  • Disposal

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