3 ways chemicals manufacturers mitigate risk with Enhesa

A standardized way to track EHS requirements, plus a proactive view into the future of how they’ll change, reduces non-compliance blind spots for global chemicals manufacturers.

For chemicals manufacturers, staying ahead of developments in today’s fast-changing regulatory landscape is essential – but never easy. And the more locations your business operates in, the more complicated managing compliance becomes. Different teams often have variable tools, knowledge, processes, for demonstrating compliance – and companies risk missing something when trying to see it all together.

That’s why – to avoid costly errors in navigating complex legal and compliance requirements – leading chemical manufacturers enlist the help of Enhesa solutions. We offer an industry-standard source for centralized and standardized regulatory intelligence, empowering you to achieve consistency in your global EHS compliance management – and eliminate blind spots.

Through working with Enhesa, these chemicals companies were able to:

  • Increase awareness through a more complete view of obligations worldwide.
  • Assess and report on compliance through a consistent, comparable method.
  • Gain a more accurate and timely view of changing EHS regulations.

Read on for 3 ways they won with Enhesa’s streamlined and standardized solutions.

1. Establishing a common ground with one consistent source

In one case, a multi-national paint and coatings manufacturer saw compliance assurance in fast-changing global regulatory framework as a major company risk. At the time of approaching Enhesa, the business had no uniform processes or systems for demonstrating its compliance.

Where company support services for compliance management were in place, they were scattered and decentralized, making them costly and inefficient. The company also did not have a digital monitoring platform in place to support their health and safety compliance processes at a cross-company and corporate level.

This meant, at the executive level, they had a limited overview of their compliance obligations.

To reduce that risk and ensure global oversight, the company implement a centralized company-wide system for management its EHS compliance. As such, the regulatory intelligence that would feed into the system needed to have comprehensive coverage, a uniform format, and compatibility with the company’s chosen compliance management software system.

Covering 300+ jurisdictions with its industry-leading standardized taxonomy, Enhesa Compliance Intelligence was the stand-out choice. Compliance Intelligence equips teams to see EHS compliance in the same way and facilitating better cross-communication.

Today, with Compliance Intelligence, the companies’ local teams have consistent common ground for monitoring compliance with EHS regulations. And the corporate team has clear oversight on its EHS compliance – across all its facilities and the same time.

2. Assessing compliance the same way with streamlined scorecards

As an audit-centric industry, every chemicals manufacturer knows the importance of getting assessments right. In the case of one global manufacturer developing petrochemicals, polymers, and more chemicals products, finding a more efficient way to conduct them became mission critical.

The company has a corporate EHS division that’s responsible for providing EHS solutions to the group. However, the use of Enhesa EHS compliance tools isn’t mandated by corporate. As a result, many locations were tracking compliance information in separate Excel documents, running the risk of incomplete and incomparable metrics.

To enhance their process to be fit for digital, the company enlisted Enhesa’s support to onboard more teams to leverage the easy-to-use, standardized scorecards feature in Compliance Intelligence. The streamlined tool enables all teams to monitor and share progress from the same perspective through a consistent format, site to site. And as part of the Enhesa solution, information is regularly updated so that EHS personnel can be confident that they’re assessing their facilities against what’s changing in regulations.

Expanding the use of Enhesa Scorecards has led to efficiency gains and new knowledge exchanges within the company’s site operations. And teams can go into audits with more clarity and more complete assessments than ever.

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3. Seeing what’s coming with a future-proof regulatory view

In a recent Enhesa survey, 60.3% of respondents stated that staying up to date on new and upcoming regulatory developments poses the biggest EHS&S challenge for companies today. And as changes continue to increase regarding chemicals-related regulations, like PFAS and stringent reporting requirements, this is certainly true for chemicals manufacturers.

Enhesa Regulatory Forecaster offers these businesses a future-proof view into their regulatory landscape. Both companies featured above chose the solution to achieve a more proactive approach to EHS compliance management. It helps teams know what’s coming, what could change, and how to prepare – not only tracking new and recently changed regulations but also looking forward into the future with updates on proposals, policies, background news, jurisprudence, and more.

Like its base solution, Regulatory Forecaster provides compliance professionals with actionable insights into the legal landscape from more than 75+ experts.

Companies leverage Regulatory Forecaster at the corporate level to spot trends, cross-compare sites, and save time in risk management. Meanwhile, local EHS managers use the forecaster service’s powerful search function as a research tool to review recent regulations. And anyone in the organization can receive email alerts customized to their positions’ and facilities’ specific needs.

Keep watch worldwide to mitigate risk everywhere

Since implementing Compliance Intelligence and Regulatory Forecaster, these chemicals manufacturing clients have significantly improved their outlook on EHS&S issues. Thanks to a strong company-wide framework of consistent regulatory intelligence along with standardized assessments for comparable metrics and a future-proof view of how it’s all changing.

Today, these businesses can keep track of compliance clearly everywhere they operate – catching more of the costly surprises they once couldn’t see.

Why choose Enhesa for your EHS compliance management?

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With the industry’s most comprehensive coverage of essential EHS topics – including chemicals management, hazmat transport, air emissions, and much, much more – across 300+ jurisdictions, you can be confident in your compliance, locally and globally.

We’re proud to be the go-to source for leading companies like those featured in this use case. And we’re here to help you drive EHS&S excellence in your business.

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