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This adhesive manufacturer needs to maintain regulatory compliance for the chemicals used in production — but with the help of Chemical Watch News & Insight, it’s easier to stay ahead of changes in this complex environment.

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Customer profile

Company: Spinnaker

Industry: Label and package printing  

Location: Troy, OH, United States  

Company website:

Spinnaker is a leading supplier of customized, specialty pressure-sensitive material in North America. It has a service-first culture and a reputation in the industry for personalized customer care. 

The challenge

Like many manufacturers using chemicals, Spinnaker operates in a complex regulatory environment. As a producer of specialty adhesive roll labels and sheeted products, chemicals are the basis for many of its raw materials, whether adhesives, papers, film, or facestock.   

Keeping up with regulatory developments for new products is essential and comes under the remit of Charley Pollock, Vice President of Technology. His responsibilities also include process development and overseeing the business’s technical service, which it delivers to its customers of printers and convertors – many of whom work with consumer goods and retail companies in sectors such as cleaning, cosmetics, drinks, and personal care products, and also have complex compliance needs. 

Spinnaker has an industry-leading technical service which focuses on speed and quality of information, with Technical Consultant Marlene Schmidt at the forefront of fielding customer requests. Each month, she’s responsible for answering dozens of incoming customer regulatory questions, including how Spinnaker materials comply with different regulations around the world. Her role also involves proactively contacting vendors and raw material suppliers about specific substances of concern when new legislation is promulgated, as well as when relevant regulations such as REACH or California’s Prop 65 are revised or updated. 

Spinnaker faces the challenge of keeping up with compliance information to:

  • Take a proactive approach to meeting the needs of its customers.
  • Respond to regulatory requests in a timely way and within its 24-hour turnaround metric.
  • Get ready for times when there is a high volume of regulatory requests in response to new legislation coming into force.
  • Avoid using regulated chemicals in new product development.

How Spinnaker stays ahead of the curve with Chemical Watch News & Insight

Using the Chemical Watch News & Insight membership, Pollock says Spinnaker “is able to know the answer before customers ask the question.”

“Chemical Watch News & Insight helps us understand the status of a chemical today, or if it’s under scrutiny and may become a substance of very high concern in the near future,” says Pollock. Equipped with information on the latest regulatory updates, Spinnaker can proactively reach out to suppliers to request hardcopy proof that they understand the ramifications of their raw materials in its supply chain.   

In one recent example, Spinnaker was able to get ahead of plans in the state of New York to develop a list of toxic chemicals. Schmidt explains:

“The Prop 65 list in California is huge and constantly changing. Word got out that New York was considering its own version of a chemical of concern list. So I was able to dig through and find information on the legislation on the Chemical Watch News & Insight platform, when it was hard to find it even on the state of New York’s own website.    

“I read up on the bill, including the proposals, which chemicals were being considered and things like the initiation date, sunset date and so on. The list wasn’t finalized but this gave me a good starting point to put out feelers.”

As a Chemical Watch News & Insight member, Spinnaker is able to meet its goal of responding to queries within 24 hours for 95% of the time. In cases where its customers’ request materials don’t fully correspond with compliance requirements, Spinnaker is able to use its compliance and product knowledge to direct customers to fully compliant solutions.


“Staying current with the regulation and trying to get ahead of it as best we can is something we rely on Chemical Watch News & Insight for.”

Charley Pollock Vice President of Technology, Spinnaker

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At Enhesa we are delighted to work with Spinnaker as a trusted partner and to support the work of individuals such as Charley Pollock and Marlene Schmidt. It’s our mission to help organizations take a proactive approach to chemicals management and stay ahead of the fast-moving chemicals management industry.

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