5 Safety Data Sheets compliance pitfalls & how to avoid them

Manufacturing or placing products in the EU? SDSs will soon be under scrutiny by the EU Enforcement Forum. See if yours stand up to the 5 common issues.

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It’s said that it’s best to learn from the mistakes of others rather than one’s own. This holds even truer for SDS compliance, where the lack of vigilance may bring about more than a mere feeling of discomfort – i.e., legal repercussions.

What’s in it for you?

  • Discover what the Enforcement Forum found lacking from many SDSs 
  • Dive into common defects, missing info, and deficiencies 
  • Learn how review your SDS to better meet requirements 
  • Read the latest related regulatory developments

Awareness alone will not ensure that your company doesn’t end up as yet another non-compliance statistic in an Enforcement Project report. A healthy dose of proactivity is required to remain off their radar.

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