Work-related MSDs: Pains & progress in regulations

Work-related MSDs remain the most common work-related health problem across Europe, and new regulations are coming. Make sure your company is up to speed. 

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Prevent MSD injuries in a constantly changing business landscape

Work-related MSDs are the number one cause of lost working days in the EU, and preventing them is one of regulators’ top priorities. With their sights set on updating health and safety legislation, is your company ready for what’s to come?

Keep your workers and your company safe from painful and costly injuries by keeping pace with upcoming regulatory developments. Stay ahead with this free report on evolving causes and key developments.

What’s in it for you?

  • check box light orangeLearn more about this leading cause of lost work days. 
  • See where regulations stand in light of emerging risks. 
  • Look ahead to future health & safety requirements. 

3 in 5 EU employees report work-related MSD pain.

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Despite long-standing legal obligations, work-related MSDs are still a reality for many workers. And the real challenge for employers is how to prevent them in a constantly changing business landscape.