Assess your chemicals with more confidence, in less time

Back by popular demand! Get a first-hand look at the most efficient way to evaluate your chemicals and comprehensive database of hazard assessments making your job more effective, and your products safer.

This webinar took place on Thursday, 21 March 2024 and is now available as an on-demand recording.

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Instantly identify problematic chemicals

Find safer, greener alternatives for the long term

Screen chemicals against the widest database of assessments

What’s in it for you?

Watch this webinar recording to:

  • Screen chemicals against 500+ regulatory, authoritative, and advisory lists  in one click
  • Look up assessment results for over 300,000 CAS RNs – individually or by bulk
  • Receive alerts for changes in endpoints, list screenings, categories or verification
  • View hazard information at a glance in an intuitive dashboard
  • Learn about our toxicologist team’s robust GHS+ CHA Framework
  • Plus – hear our speakers answering live questions from the audience!


Elizabeth Murry

Betsy Murry

Director Products and Programs,
Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry


Mike Bjork

Sales Director,
Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry

“Hazard screening and assessment take a long time. Assess in SciveraLENS provides an expedited way to access the hazard assessment that is very thorough. And the functionality sells itself. If you know just a little bit about how to approach hazard assessments you would see that it saves you time.”

Senior Toxicologist, Global Product Safety Beautycounter

Discover screening, streamlined

Watch this free demo webinar recording of Assess.

Assess makes list screening and Chemical Hazard Assessment information more intuitive and more accessible – whether it be for toxicologists who need to find some efficiencies in their work, companies who are outsourcing toxicology work and want some more insight, teams who are just starting their CHA journey, users who need simpler list screening tools, or product developers who want to ensure they are choosing safer chemicals.

Save time and money and make more informed, confident decisions with a more complete view of your chemicals across:

  • 500+ RSLs
  • 300,000 CAS RNs
  • 4500+ verified CHAs
  • 23 hazard endpoints

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