Building a business case for compliance


In our second guest expert webinar, special guests Anthony Wareham and Keith Serre provide expert insights into building a solid business case for a transformative compliance program.

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Discover how to properly articulate the risk of non-compliance, improving engagement 


Explore the value of compliance that goes beyond adherence to laws and regulations 


Examine the requirements of a business case and what you need to demonstrate value


Understand how to socialize the business case with key stakeholders in your organization

With emerging and evolving regulatory expectations, companies increasingly find themselves making substantial investments — in the form of time, effort, and funds — to ensure the organization is in compliance. And that means gaining buy-in from stakeholders and the board. 

Building a compelling business case for compliance is the key to inspiring that engagement. It relies on knowing the measurable benefits of a compliance program, aligning the program’s strategic objectives with corporate goals, and demonstrating the team’s ability to meet them, through clear and attainable metrics, year after year — and it’s no small feat. 

This webinar, the second in our guest speaker series, features a panel discussion with industry experts Anthony Wareham, a 25-year health and safety leader, and Keith Serre, partner and head of Deloitte’s Compliance and Operational Risk (C&OR) offering. The two discuss practical tips, lessons learned, and stories from the field related to their experience building a robust business case for compliance. 



Anthony Wareham

With 25 years of experience as a Health and Safety leader in both the medical devices and manufacturing sectors, Anthony Wareham has helped global organizations transform and modernize their approach to understanding and managing EHS compliance risk. The results improved transparency, high confidence, insights on demand, and reduced risk exposure are transformative, to compliance programs and to the communities they serve.


Keith Serre

With 18 years of experience and a team made up of some of the best and brightest talent in Canada, Keith leads Deloitte’s Compliance and Operational Risk (C&OR) department to solve complex problems and help North America’s best companies ‘live their values’ by developing and implementing strategic solutions to keep their people safe. Keith also has a Master’s degree in Safety, Risk, and Reliability, and previously served on the board of directors for WCB Alberta.

I’ve seen what good looks like, but I’ve also seen when things go wrong. Compliance programs need quality insights, considered planning, and comprehensive buy-in to effect change.

Missed the first in this webinar series?

Not to worry, you can watch the recording here.

Watch the recording

Watch the discussion for expert insights into building a compelling compliance business case

As the need for corporate EHS and sustainability compliance increases, it’s important to get full backing for a compliance program that’s designed to protect your organization against future risks. 

Watch the webcast as we welcome compliance experts Anthony Wareham and Keith Serre to an open conversation about: 

  • The importance of creating a comprehensive compliance business case 
  • How clearly communicating the risks of non-compliance will enhance engagement 
  • The value of taking compliance beyond laws and regulations with a forward-looking plan 
  • What needs to go into a good business case and how it should demonstrate value 
  • Building a business case that resonates with key stakeholders in your organization