Build your best EHS compliance culture

An insider’s guide to achieving real change in and commitment to EHS compliance in your business, with Bruce Adler, EHS leader at GE for 28 years.

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Understand the 3 keys to culture change


Discover a better way to measure EHS compliance


Gain insight from tried-and-true programs

What’s in it for you?

  • Hear the real-life success stories of culture change at GE
  • Learn how to foster company-wide commitment 
  • Find out how annual review programs and training create breakthroughs
  • Explore what really matters in EHS compliance metrics 
  • Ask Bruce your questions in real-time!


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Bruce Adler

Former EHS leader at GE.

Bruce R. Adler was the Assistant General Counsel and Compliance Counsel for the General Electric OneEHS function for 28 years, responsible for significant enforcement and legal issues pertaining to environmental, health and safety across the company.

“Success in this new world of evolving EHS regulations requires culture change. And achieving it doesn’t just come about on its own.”

Watch the webinar recording

Your business’s EHS compliance can only be as strong as the culture that supports it. Be inspired to build your best EHS culture by hearing first-hand best practices from a (former) EHS leader at GE. 

General Electric (GE) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and one of the largest electronic companies in the US.  

Bruce Adler, who has been globally leading EHS within GE for 28 years, will be sharing best practices, case studies and failures you can learn from. 

Join us to ensure that your cultures is up to the task through: 

  • Proven techniques for improving EHS culture
  • The right approach to EHS training and reviews
  • More effective EHS compliance metrics
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