EHS and sustainability trends: Your 2023 forecast

A deep dive into what’s changing next year in EHS and sustainability – and what to do about it. 


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Prepare for new changes in chemical management


Get on top of energy security & waste regulations


See where regulations stand for ESG reporting

What’s in it for you?

  • Learn what’s new around REACH and PFAS regulations 
  • Align your program with evolving air emissions requirements 
  • Stay ahead of upcoming ESG & sustainability reporting mandates 
  • Discover new developments in waste management  
  • Hear the latest developments around efficient and green energy
  • And more! 


Evelyn Chuang

Evelyn Chuang

Expert Team Lead

Nathaniel Gajasa

Nathaniel Gajasa

Regional Expert – US

Beatriz Garcia Fernandez

Beatriz García Fernández-Viagas

Regional Expert – European Union


Sunita Paudyal

Regional Expert, South Asia

Since Jan 2021, our experts tracked nearly 38K new or changed global EHS requirements. And these winds of regulatory change won’t die down anytime soon.

Watch the webinar recording

Today’s trends become tomorrow’s EHS and sustainability requirements. Where to focus your compliance program when so much is changing?  We have you covered with our expert insights. 

Join us to learn how to get your business ready for changes in: 

  • air emissions requirements 
  • waste & recycling 
  • Green energy 
  • chemical management 
  • ESG & sustainability reporting 


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