Increasing supplier engagement for chemical supply chain transparency

Do your teams know the chemicals used in your supply chain? Without supplier engagement, there’s no way to be sure. Join Jillian Stacy and Betsy Murry, for practical answers and best practices for achieving increased transparency – not just in your own business but across the companies you work with.

This webinar took place on Tuesday, 9 April 2024 and is now available as an on-demand recording.

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Equip teams to identify problematic chemicals in your supply chain

Be more accurate in your reporting & confident in your sustainability claims

Mitigate business risk from unchecked and unregulated chemicals

What’s in it for you?

Join us to:

  • Understand what’s required of your business from regulatory drivers (e.g., European Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive, PFAS bans, Digital Product Passport, and European Green Deal)
  • Be sure teams know what to ask from suppliers and have the tools to obtain the right data
  • Learn from best practices and real-life case studies to mitigate risk from upstream chemicals
  • Discover more effective ways your teams can source supplier ingredient and substance information

Plus – Ask our speakers your questions during a live Q&A

Jillian Stacy

Jillian Stacy

Business Manager
Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry

Jillian Stacy has been with the Enhesa team since 2014, and now leads Enhesa’s Sustainable Chemistry business unit. Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry focuses on helping companies make safer, more sustainable chemical choices for their products and processes.

Betsy Murry

Betsy Murry

Director Product and Programs
Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry

Betsy is the Director of Products and Programs for Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry. Over the past 7+ years, Betsy has worked with our clients across the supply chain to support implementation of our sustainable chemistry solutions, advise on supply chain engagement, and best practices. This information and feedback from our customers has been invaluable in the development and improvement of our Sustainable Chemistry solutions. Coming from a background in the education space and in various start ups, Betsy is great at navigating and simplifying challenging problems and finding workable and scalable solutions both internally and externally.

Even if your teams have put in place safeguards for your own processes, there might be something your suppliers aren’t telling them – or don’t realize they need to tell you.

Watch the webinar recording

When your teams connect with your supply chain, you can be confident in your sustainability.

Watch to this webinar recording to find out how to Increase supplier engagement for chemical supply chain transparency.

Sustainable chemistry begins with suppliers. Whatever safeguards your team has put in place for your own products and processes, there may be problematic substances in your suppliers’ formulations that they can’t see.

Join this webinar to put the power in your teams hands as you:

  • Leverage best practices for assessing suppliers’ chemicals
  • Understand how they can more effectively engage your supply chain
  • Address common challenges for sustainable chemistry

And – get an insider’s look into our SciveraLENS® platform’s offering: Connect, engaging suppliers to share critical data while protecting their proprietary information.

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