Transforming EHS compliance with a risk-based approach


In this first of a new webinar series with special guest Anthony Wareham, discover how to begin transforming global organizations with a risk-based approach to compliance.

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Understand the challenges and opportunities of the current compliance approach


See how having the right vision and corporate values can extend beyond compliance


Discover what a risk-based and data-led approach means for corporate standards

Just as industry has undergone significant transformation in recent decades, so has compliance. 

Watch the recording for the first in a series of three webinars with special guest Anthony Wareham. These webinars will cover: 

  • The transformation of compliance 
  • Building a business case for compliance 
  • Compliance leadership for the enterprise 

In this first session, Transforming EHS Compliance with a Risk-Based Approach, Anthony will share expert insights on how global organizations can begin this transformation by: 

  • Understanding and acknowledging the challenges and opportunities with the current approach 
  • Having the right vision, aligned to corporate values, that extends beyond compliance 
  • Taking a risk-based and data-led approach, from “must-do” compliance to corporate standards 
  • Managing risk mitigation and other organizational priorities together 
  • Building a team to transform compliance from a reactive approach to a proactive program

Special guest speaker

Anthony Wareham

With 25 years of experience as a Health and Safety leader in both the medical devices and manufacturing sectors, Anthony Wareham has helped global organizations transform and modernize their approach to understanding and managing EHS compliance riskThe results – improved transparency, high confidence, insights on demand, and reduced risk exposure – are transformative: both to compliance programs and to the communities they serve.

Anthony shot

Globalization, digitalization, the proliferation and complexity of regulations, and market pressures to “do more with less” impact every part of the enterprise – and EHS is no exception.

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Get industry-expert insights into the transformative nature of risk-based compliance

There’s an ever-increasing scrutiny placed on businesses to fulfill EHS regulatory expectations – and demonstrate it with transparent reporting. 

Watch the webinar as we welcome compliance expert Anthony Wareham to: 

  • Break down the risks posed by EHS compliance 
  • Provide insights into how a risk-based perspective can help with compliance 
  • Offer a modernized approach to managing and mitigating EHS compliance risks