Managing EHS risk in changing regulatory landscapes


How to stay compliant and keep up with over 196,000 new regulations in the last 3 years.

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In the last three years we’ve tracked and reported on more than 196,000 new and updated regulations around the world – covering a wide array of topics and areas of operation.

Keeping up with EHS compliance is a foundational necessity for international businesses, but how can you ensure your facilities have everything they need? And can you be confident that each one is fully compliant with their unique requirements?

Watch the webcast to delve into the potential business risks posed by increasing regulatory changes and find out how the right tools, content, and expert insights can help you manage and mitigate them.


Understand what you need to know to effectively manage and mitigate risk of EHS non-compliance


See why comprehensive compliance oversight means setting and tracking metrics for every facility in each jurisdiction


Discover how identifying the right upcoming regulatory trends helps you prepare with trackable facility-specific insights

What’s in it for you?

  • A clear view of common regulatory compliance risk factors businesses must consider – from individual facilities in different jurisdictions to the overarching corporate view
  • Insight into the continual growth and expansion of regulations over time and why companies need to better support risk management
  • Learn about the impact failure to mitigate these risks may have – whether it’s revenue, employees, the environment, and brand and reputation
  • See real-world examples of how the right tools, content, and expert insights empower businesses to support risk management, identify benefits and opportunities, and capitalize on them
  • Understand what an agile and scalable solution can offer, especially when facing business mergers, acquisitions, and organizational changes

Webinar speakers

Mary Foley headshot

Mary Foley

Expert Services Strategy Director

Global Head of Business Development

Gaye van der Eerden

Global Head of Business Development

Businesses need to manage increasing regulatory requirements at both a corporate and facility level with a standardized, comprehensive approach to compliance.

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Discover how an evolving regulatory landscape requires a smart approach to risk management

As legislation and regulations around the world place greater scrutiny and responsibility on companies, it’s more important than ever that businesses have a comprehensive understanding of their compliance. 

watch the webinar to find out why it’s important (and how) to achieve: 

  • Awareness of relevant requirements – now and in the future
  • Clear visibility of individual facility and business-wide compliance levels
  • Meeting internal and external corporate reporting obligations
  • A systematic approach to identifying and managing potential EHS risks
  • Positioning your business to take advantage of opportunities


Thursday 14th March

10:00 ET / 15:00 CET