SciveraLENS® webinar

This 30-minute webinar provides valuable information on how to quickly identify chemical hazards (including PFAS) in your products, processes, and supply chain with automatic list screening and Chemical Hazard Assessments (CHA). With 300,000+ CAS numbers with authoritative list evaluation and 4,500 verified CHAs, you can confidently create and innovate safer, more sustainable products.


Identify problematic chemicals instantly


Support your chemical and product certification needs


Gather or share chemical ingredient information

What’s in it for you?

  • Compare and find safer alternatives to problematic chemicals
  • Understand chemicals’ impact on humans and the environment
  • Improve your chemical formulations
  • See chemical ingredient information from suppliers while protecting proprietary data
  • Communicate chemical assessment information to your colleagues and suppliers 

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The unique SciveraLENS platform is driving the transformation towards safer chemistry and material health – helping you to simplify your chemical management structure. This 30-minute webinar lets you discover the powerful cloud-based program which utilizes over 4,500 chemical hazard assessments (CHAs) completed by a team of experienced toxicologists. 

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