Sustainability reporting: how global trends affect compliance


Introducing sustainable frameworks, mandatory reporting, and the impact of national regulations.  

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Gain knowledge of international standards for sustainability reporting


Stay compliant by meeting mandatory requirements


Stay updated on national regulations for sustainability issues and global supply chains

What’s in it for you?

  • Up-to-date knowledge on the latest international sustainability standards and the implications of adopting them for various companies 
  • In depth understanding of the mandatory requirements announced by the CSRD and the potential impacts these may have on a company’s financial performance and risk management 
  • Insights into sustainability trends for businesses to address challenges and opportunities in the everchanging landscape of sustainability and compliance 
  • Learn how to leverage Enhesa tools like Jurisdictional Compliance to monitor and track compliance globally 
  • Standardize your business processes to meet jurisdiction-specific requirements 

Webinar speakers

Marina Dorileo Barros

Marina Dorileo

Content Innovation Lead

Paula Galbiatti Silveira

Paula Galbiatti Silveira

Subject Matter Expert in Products, Sustainability & ESG

Mahamed Mahamoud

Mahamed Mahamoud

Business Development Manager

Sustainability has gained recognition by investors, asset managers, stakeholders, and companies as an essential part of their business operations. It’s now become a crucial component of risk management, playing a key role in determining a company’s financial performance.

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Stay at the forefront of the ever-changing landscape of sustainability reporting

Sustainability is now a vital contributing factor toward risk management and financial performance. It’s therefore important for businesses to gain insight into mandatory reporting requirements to maintain compliance. 

Watch our webinar to: 

  • Be introduced to the International Sustainability Standards Board and discover how these regulations will impact businesses across various sectors
  • Uncover the significant impacts of CSRD’s mandatory reporting requirements to maintain compliance in an evolving landscape
  • Gain strategic insights into how current trends will influence global supply chains
  • Combat challenges instigated by emerging sustainability trends
  • Take advantage of opportunities leveraging Enhesa solutions like Jurisdiction Compliance