How enforcement is evolving: What you need to know today

RECORDING – Protecting your company means being proactive. Join our experts to get ahead of what’s changing in enforcement 


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  • Better understand what’s at stake for your business 
  • Get ahead of the latest enforcement trends  
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Sunita Paudyal

Regional Expert, South Asia


Sheima Ridha

Senior EHS Regulatory Consultant

Mary Foley

Mary foley

Expert Services Strategy Director

Of course, compliance is key to reducing penalties – but a full understanding of enforcement means preventing risks in the first place.

Watch the webinar recording

Increased accountability, imprisonment vs monetary penalties, new consumer technology for reporting non-compliance, adaptations to align with evolving regulation … Did you know today’s ups and downs of enforcement? 

Join our experts as they share: 

  • the latest trends and innovations 
  • agencies’ focus in different regions 
  • what you need to know to be proactive 


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