7 game-changing trends in EHS enforcement

Keep up with how EHS enforcement is changing in: 

  • Environmental law 
  • Chemical safety 
  • Occupational health and safety 

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Of course, we all know that complying with environmental, health, and safety (EHS) regulations is serious business. But in today’s compliance climate, EHS enforcement is going through some serious changes –  and your business must keep up. 

Learn about 7 impactful trends in EHS enforcement and how to stay in line with them. 

Penalties for non-compliance are increasingly leading to (more) significant monetary losses and reputational damage for organizations.


See what’s at stake for your business.

From more stringent criminal liability to stronger market surveillance – understand what can come from risky non-compliance.


Get on top of bottom-up enforcement.

Private individuals and NGOs play a bigger role in enforcement than ever before – learn how bodies like the EU are getting behind this trend.


Be clear about sustainability claims.

What you say and how you say it matters -discover how deceptive or misleading claims bring lawsuits and heavy enforcement action.


Read how on-site inspections are increasing

Continuous monitoring is by far one of the most effective methods for assessing compliance. Regulators know this and are ramping them up.

Organizations could face serious legal action for violations that might have once gone unnoticed – or at least unpenalized.

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There’s a trend of more rigorous EHS enforcement, primarily via the implementation of more frequent and rigorous workplace inspections. 
These focus not only on the typical requirements but also issues that are relatively new. where enforcement measures look at more ‘novel’ or niche areas, particularly in relation to equality and employee well-being. 

The bar will keep rising – including heightened scrutiny of how companies meet benchmark compliance obligations.

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It’s becoming increasingly difficult for  organizations to escape their mistakes and  missteps, and those who find themselves in non-compliance should be prepared for significant punitive action. 
Equip your business with the knowledge of what’s coming in the future and understand how your compliance status stacks up. 

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High fines, significant reputational damage, and personal criminal liability for organizational officials who enable (willingly or not) non-compliance … it’s never been more important for businesses to fully understand and comply with their EHS requirements. 

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