COVID-19 Regulatory developments: December 2020

In this document you will find the newest regulations that our in-house EHS Experts have documented in December around the globe.

The month of November brought the dreaded “second wave” of COVID. What will December bring? Measures are still changing rapidly and due to every jurisdiction’s different circumstances, requirements differ greatly across the globe. With many countries entering a period of more restrictive measures, EHS regulatory trends continue to shift. The new year will likely bring vaccine availability and yet the timing of that vaccine is variable for different populations. Thus, it continues to be imperative to stay up to date on new developments as they are released.

We acknowledge how difficult it is for the EHS/SHE community to stay up-to-date and on top of regulations. In order to support organizations, way we will continue to distribute all Covid-19 related Regulatory Forecaster Service content as broadly as we possibly can within the community.

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