EHS safety training: Enhance culture and increase compliance

Truly successful EHS safety training works to: 

  • Build EHS compliance culture 
  • Fulfill regulatory requirements 
  • Cover general and site-specific topics 
  • Meet increasingly diverse workers’ needs 

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Taylor Murphy

by Taylor Murphy

EHS safety training is more than just a vital tool to keep your company compliant – it’s also an opportunity to foster a strong EHS culture throughout the entire organization to make compliance the priority from the start.

Learn how you can use training as a catalyst for change in your business. 

EHS training can create a culture where compliance is the priority from the start.


Help build a positive safety & health culture

Training is about more than just compliance. It’s about enabling positive attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of your employees, from top managers to the newest recruits.


Ensure that training meets requirements

Manage the multitude of variations in training requirements across different regions – and avoid issues when planning your training program at the corporate level.


Cover both general and site-specific issues

Learn how to best approach and provide the right level of training to your workers with the right content in your sessions.


Accommodate diverse needs

Understand how employees learn differently and ways to adapt your training programs to fit our current world and its wide variety of learning preferences and needs.

Companies often make the mistake of assuming that more general training is a suitable substitute for site- or job-specific training.

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EHS safety training must meet 2 essential requirements:  

First, it must address any regulatory requirements, and second, it must provide workers with the necessary information to stay safe and healthy in the workplace. 

EHS safety training is one of the most important pillars in your company’s compliance, but it can also provide far more.

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If training is to be appropriate and acted upon, it must be delivered in ways that meet individual learning preferences as far as possible.  

This means that companies need to adapt how they train employees to meet diverse needs and preferences 

Download the whitepaper to benefit more from your EHS safety training

The best EHS safety training programs will adapt and grow. How does yours measure up to today’s changing working environments? 

Implement training that does more than teach – but connects with employees and enables compliance on a deeper level and an ongoing basis. Download the whitepaper to: 

  • Build culture for compliance that lasts 
  • Cover both general and site requirements 
  • Address diverse training needs