Emerging risks in ergonomics: A new era in risk assessments

As more employees shift to teleworking, new challenges like ergonomics have moved to the top of today’s emerging risks. Are your assessments up to date? 

Ergonomics trends report: Positioning employees for safety at home

Sitting or standing, onsite or off, ergonomics is difficult for businesses to get straight. Even more so with the new twist of more employees than ever working from home. And now, you’ll need to adjust your risk assessments accordingly.   

Get the inside scoop on how this teleworking challenge is changing compliance:  

  • Discover how this emerging risk impacts protecting your workers 
  • See the stats on rising related OHS requirements 
  • Read what “at-home” obligations are already in place across the globe 


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Occupational health regulatory issues jumped 76% in just one year. And that number will keep moving up as more workers move to work-from-home.