Glossary: Must-know sustainability and ESG terms

Move forward in your company’s sustainability journey with a resource to:

  • Clarify technical terms
  • Better understand concepts
  • Keep your own terminology consistent
  • Save time

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ESG & sustainability are on nearly every company website and almost every executive’s lips. The objective is not only transparency and accountability but also for companies to analyze and manage their overall sustainability goals, plans, and strategies and find gaps.

Yet to do so, businesses must be able to discern the meaning behind it all.

The concept of sustainability is so familiar that it hardly needs an introduction. However, with so many acronyms and a long list of terms, not everyone is clear on them all.


Clarify technical terms

Meanings of technical terms or jargon that may be unfamiliar to your teams.


Better understand concepts

With clear and concise definitions for your team to use in processes


Keep your terminology consistent

Teams stay on the same page in their documentation and documents


Save time

With a one-stop glossary of key terms

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Are your teams getting tangled up in the ever-expanding list of sustainability terms?

We’ve developed this glossary to guide you in your conversations about ESG and sustainability disclosures and sustainability corporate strategy.

Be clear about what the terms are, what they mean, and where they fit into your business’s sustainability journey.


Download the glossary to better understand sustainability.

How to tackle today’s ever-growing list of sustainability and ESG terms? Find the clarity you need to move forward in your company’s sustainability journey with this digital resource.

Get a better grasp on what sustainability means for your business – download the digital glossary!