Health & safety in the workplace: Overcoming 4 top challenges

Today, managing health & safety in the workplace means: 

  • Understanding how OHS specialists are regulated  
  • Protecting workers at home 
  • Mitigating threats to mental health  
  • Adapting training to meet workers’ needs 

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From keeping track of specialist requirements to addressing new risks to adapting training to changing needs, staying on top of these trends is key to building and maintaining your most effective health and safety program.  

Learn about the top 4 challenges in health & safety in the workplace today – and how to overcome them. 

OHS is constantly evolving with new trends to tackle and changing requirements: 2021 saw more than 13K global issues.


Understanding OHS specialist regulations

Requirements for a health & safety specialist keep getting more complicated, and more are likely to follow.


Accounting for risks in remote working.

Even if your operating jurisdictions don’t have official regulations around teleworking hazards, you’ll need to include them in your risk assessments.


Safeguarding workers’ mental health

We expect to see additional mental health legislation. And your business might need to work harder to see exactly what risks lie within your facilities.


Training that accommodates diverse needs.

From generational differences to virtual vs. in-person learning preferences, providing adequate training now involves adapting the way you train to our modern world.

In 2021, we tracked 176 regulatory developments specific to home working.

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Before 2020, remote work wasn’t prominent in our working world – nor in our risk assessments.  

Today, more and more businesses embracing the advantages of remote work, health and safety in the workplace means the home office too. Risk management must now extend to your workers’ private homes. 

Training is one of the most crucial and challenging parts of a company’s health and safety program.

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Employers will always be held responsible for administering adequate workplace training. But the parameters behind what makes that training “work” for your workforce will continue to change. 

The most successful training programs will continually evolve to not only meet regulatory requirements but also to provide training that is effective and impactful for your employees. 

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Not only are the ways we work continuously evolving and new risks emerging, our awareness and understanding of even familiar hazards grow day by day.  

Set yourself, your organization, and your employees up for enhanced health & safety in the workplace. Download the whitepaper to tackle: 

  • Increasingly complicated OHS specialist requirements 
  • Teleworking & mental health risks at work  
  • Diverse training needs & learning styles