Leverage EHS for sustainability reporting

  • Understand global sustainability reporting challenges
  • Learn why understanding relevant compliance data is key
  • See how EHS metrics can be used to complement your reporting

Many companies face the challenge of consolidating the appropriate company-wide data sources for their sustainability reporting.


Learn about sustainability reporting

Gain insights into the emergence of mandatory sustainability reporting


Setting new standardization

Find out about the rise of investment-grade data and the need for standardization


A solid foundation in EHS

See where EHS compliance data crosses over and feeds into sustainability reporting


Get your sustainability reporting right from the start

Discover how to leverage EHS compliance metrics as the cornerstone of sustainability data

Regulations are changing sustainability reporting requirements

Investors, consumers, and other stakeholders expect businesses to go beyond simply acknowledging sustainability issues. They want companies to actively address them.

As a result, there’s been an unprecedented surge in global interest surrounding sustainability reporting. This reporting used to be mostly voluntary, but it’s now becoming mandated at a regulatory level.

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Use your EHS compliance metrics to fuel sustainability reporting

With further reporting requirements coming into place, it’s highly beneficial for businesses to utilize pre-existing EHS data to fulfill sustainability reporting needs wherever possible.

Read our whitepaper to discover how to leverage your EHS metrics to enhance and empower your sustainability reporting.

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Learn about leveraging EHS to support sustainability reporting

Gain an understanding of the global context of sustainability requirements and learn why relevant compliance data is key to successful reporting.

Download our whitepaper today to see how EHS metrics can be used to complement, foundation, and enhance sustainability reporting.