Practical guidance for understanding and managing PFAS

How far reaching is the PFAS problem and what can be done about it? Download our whitepaper for insights and guidance.


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There are hundreds of research projects that have already detected PFAS contamination in a wide range of animals, the human body and the environment.


Find out the alarming scale of PFAS in industry, as well as the impacts it has on people and the environment.


Learn how to screen for PFAS in your business and supply chain.


Understand how PFAS are classified with a scientific explanation of their properties.


Plan how to eradicate PFAS with clear steps and actions, using our roadmap.

Everything you need to know about PFAS

PFAS related regulations are increasing in number and urgency. We are at a time when Industry is committed to purging these often harmful chemicals from everyday products and processes.

Want to know what they are, where they are and why they are now chemicals you can not ignore? Everyday objects, apparel and all kinds of industrial applications can have dire PFAS issues. This is the whitepaper that gives you the knowledge you need.

Further to this, we map out clear guidelines around taking action, with steps to eradicate PFAS. As a common challenge in manufacturing and all kinds of businesses, it is not going away. We share intelligence and specialized solutions that will empower you and facilitate your journey to sustainable chemistry.

Enhance your understanding of PFAS

Different Environmental Protection Agencies (in the US, Europe, China, and Australia) are continually devising and adapting strategic roadmaps to introduce and manage more robust policies to safeguard public health. In this whitepaper, our experts review validated sources to explain the issue caused by PFAS, with collected critical PFAS-related information to bridge existing knowledge gaps and foster cooperation on alternative assessments. Enhance your understanding of PFAS, clarify the lack of transparency in industrial uses, provide a future perspective, and outline useful strategies to tackle the challenges posed by PFAS.

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