Sustainability & compliance - Understanding the social pillar

Get started on social topics with these insights for compliance professionals, including:

  • What is the social pillar?
  • What to know about reporting on it?
  • What are the related regulatory changes?

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There’s more to sustainability reporting than environmental topics. Businesses are also being asked to show transparency in social issues like health and safety, labor practices, and more.

Get your company caught up on what the social pillar is and what’s changing in regulations around it.

Crucially, companies need to understand the risks faced by their industry, the jurisdictions where they operate, and their products or services.


Understand the social pillars

The issues, topics, and risks for your business


Discover related regulatory developments

Looking at what’s changed in the legal landscape


Be clear on the importance of reporting

Transparency and robustness are key


See what’s happened and what’s next

From public interest to future impact

What is the social pillar of sustainability reporting?

The social pillar of sustainability targets the relationships between a company and its employees, consumers, local communities, and a broad range of stakeholders that might be connected to the company’s operations, including the workers in its supply chain.

Social reporting is supposed to consider all stakeholders and reflect on how the company engages and affects them. This makes it very hard to set standards for reporting, because what matters for one organization may be irrelevant for another. What, therefore, should be included?

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An ambitious remit – worth paying attention to

Consumers increasingly want to know more about the goods that they are buying. Alongside this, the legal framework is rapidly changing and increasing companies’ accountability throughout their operations and business relationships.

Implementing due diligence across supply chains is key to every business to guarantee their sustainability and existence. Scrutiny is only going to increase from all stakeholders: customers, shareholders, and regulators, and companies need to address all areas to achieve success.

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Want to know where to start with the social pillar of sustainability reporting?

Due diligence in issues such as human rights, equity and inclusion, mental well-being, and social impact can be harder to measure and quantify than environmental matters.

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