The Importance of Supply Chain Transparency and Engagement for PFAS Tracing

  • Understand global PFAS regulatory challenges
  • Build the connection between engaging your supply chain and meeting PFAS regulations
  • Gain insight from our 5-step supply chain transparency process

How can companies comply with regulations if they do not know whether they have PFAS in their products and process chemicals?


Become well-versed in the PFAS regulatory landscape

Including country-specific regulations and their impacts.


Identify challenges for supply chain transparency

Including three key issues that can make or break a supply chain.


Discover what successful supply chain transparency looks like

Learn from the successes of our SciveraLENS clients.


Dive deeper into 5 steps to build supply chain transparency

Create a supply chain transparency roadmap for your company.

Building relationships with your suppliers now will ensure that you are in the right place to anticipate future regulatory demands and identify the ‘next PFAS’.

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The PFAS regulatory landscape is growing rapidly, forcing companies to look not just at the chemicals in their products, but their processes as well.

As such, there is a quickly growing need to build engagement throughout the supply chain. To do so, brands and suppliers need to:

  • Have a consistent process to cultivate clear communication
  • Understand exactly what information is required and what the brand expectations are
  • Work together to identify problematic chemicals like PFAS and find safer alternatives

Download your guide to unlocking supply chain transparency for complete PFAS removal.

Read about PFAS and supply chain transparency in detail, the challenges and innate relationship of both, and how to begin your own supply chain transparency journey. Want to dive even deeper into supply chain transparency? Check out our supply chain transparency glossary here.

  • What are the challenges companies face with global PFAS regulations?
  • How does supply chain transparency play a central role in identifying PFAS?
  • How can you begin to engage your supply chain in a positive way?

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