Chemical Regulatory Update, Forecast and Business Impact Analysis for Latin America

Do you do business in Latin America? Do you import, use, or place chemical products on the market in the region? 

In this latest Enhesa webinar, we provide an update and overview of trends in Chemicals law and regulation in Latin America. The webinar is presented from the perspective of the entire life cycle of chemical products (from the design and development stage, through to placing on the market, and finally end-of life). 

Presented by Enhesa’s Product Stewardship Project Manager, Paula Diaz and Head of Thought Leadership, Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford, this webinar will provide you with: 

- An overview of Chemical regulatory developments in Latin America (with some global context); 
- An insight into regulatory developments that will or could impact the design and development stage, such as REACH- and RoHS-like Regulations being proposed or implemented; 
- Interesting examples of requirements impacting the placing on the market of chemicals, such as the status of the GHS implementation in the region and the requirements for the preparation of SDSs in Peru and Chile; 
- Examples of upcoming issues in the end-of-life stage, such as the proposal of take-back requirements for certain types of products or packaging; and 
- A view on the potential business impacts of regulation and policy on chemicals life cycle in the region.

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