Communicating the Value of a Risk Reduction Culture

Your role involves having a keen eye for managing risks in a number of areas like workplace hazards, environmental releases, non-compliance penalties, and company reputation. Most EHS Managers will agree that this is not an easy job. As regulations increase at alarming rates and enforcement practices continue to intensify, you are most likely doing more with less to mitigate the EHS risks your company faces.

Risk reduction is vital to success and inaction is costly, but how do you demonstrate this to your corporate team? During the budget season, you must find a compelling way to champion for your program and communicate the value in building a strong company culture towards risk reduction.

In this webinar, topics explored included:

  • Aligning EHS and CFO priorities
  • Defining the concept of "risk" within EHS and where they exist
  • Demonstrating the consequences of not addressing risks appropriately
  • Planning programs to navigate risk
  • Crafting strategic approaches to creating a “Risk Elimination Culture”


Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford, Business Development Manager EMEA at Enhesa
Joseph Wolfsberger, Senior Advisor at FDRSafety