Energy Efficiency Audits Compulsory for Corporations in Europe

Thousands of companies in Europe need to complete energy efficiency audits of their operations by December 5, 2015. The requirements are not only applicable to major industrial operations, but also to the commercial and service sector.

European Directive 2012/27/EC (Article 8.4) requires companies to carry about energy audits by independent qualified experts. However, large companies which implement a certified energy or environmental management system are exempt from the energy audit obligation. Member States were left to determine who is a large company and who is exempt.

During this webinar, we explored:

  • What is an energy efficiency audit?
  • Where does this requirement come from?
  • Which companies are impacted by this requirement?
  • By when do the audits need to be completed?
  • What should be in the corporate-wide audit report?
  • To whom do the results of the audits need to be provided?
  • How did the different Member States implement the requirements?
  • How do you meet these requirements?
  • What do you do with the results?
  • Case study from General Electric


Paul Olagnier, Senior Consultant & Project Manager, EHS Compliance at Enhesa

Paul Olagnier is a Senior Consultant and Project Manager on the Global Product Stewardship team at Enhesa. He is a French trained EHS regulatory expert with over ten years of professional experience. Paul has successfully managed hundreds of international EHS and Product Stewardship projects for major global companies. He has both project management skills and practical knowledge of the regulations, especially at the EU level and in French-speaking countries. He also participates in EHS regulatory audits of industrial facilities and offices. Paul is also responsible for managing Consulting Services at Enhesa.

Peter Tayar-Watson, EU Energy Efficiency Directive Coordinator GE Global Operations

Peter Tayar-Watson is the EU Energy Efficiency Directive Coordinator for GE Global Operations.  He is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer (1st with Hons - BEng, CEng) with MBA (Distinction) and 25 years of professional experience. He has extensive experience and training in EHS & Quality management and Energy Efficiency in buildings.  Before joining GE in 1999, Peter worked with European Gas Turbines (UK), Oil&Gas Mechanical & Project Engineer (NL - Shell), Procurement Analyst (Gabon - Shell), Environmental Remediation Project Manager (Gabon - Shell), Quality, Security & EHS Manager (NL - GE Aero Energy), EHS & SCM Manager (EMEA in UK - GE Corporate Properties).


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