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Directive 2012/27/EC (Article 8.4) introduced an EU-wide requirement for large companies. The latter will have to carry out an energy audit every four years. The audit...
Paul Beatley, Enhesa Director, presented at the Auditing Roundtable's International Meeting this past October in Dublin, Ireland on the topic of performing root cause...
Last Sunday I decided to go for a walk in Arlington cemetery.  It had been on my list of things to do for decades.  It was probably one of the last nice and...

Regulatory news

Stricter requirements on combustion installations with a nominal power of more than 3kW and under 20MW

Combustion installations fueled with solid, gas or liquid fuel with a nominal...


LOUISIANA: DEQ classifies certain modifications as minor modifications for LDPES permits

Companies that discharge contaminants into Louisiana waters may be able to renew or...

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