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Paul Beatley, Enhesa Director, presented at the Auditing Roundtable's International Meeting this past October in Dublin, Ireland on the topic of performing root cause...
Last Sunday I decided to go for a walk in Arlington cemetery.  It had been on my list of things to do for decades.  It was probably one of the last nice and...
At the CARE Innovation Conference in Vienna last week, I heard the representative of the European Commission and several multinationals like Electrolux, Toshiba, Philips...

Regulatory news

Importers of scrap metal must obtain a new import permit for 2015

Importers of scrap metal must obtain the required import permit for the year 2015 and comply with the...


Administrative fines imposed under the Products Safety Law have been increased

The administrative fines imposed for noncompliance with Law No.4703 on Products have been...


Manufacturers of rinse-off cosmetic products can choose to comply with new voluntary EU Ecolabel

From 12 December 2014, manufacturers of rinse-off cosmetic products can decide to...

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