Marina Dorileo

Content Incubation Manager

Marina Dorileo Barros

Marina Dorileo has a very challenging and dynamic role. As the Content Incubation Manager, she is responsible for managing the expansion of Enhesa’s content offering. She supports the development of products and services that will be used by multinational companies across the world.

For instance, Marina and her team recently finished the development of content sets applicable to product compliance and soon will be focusing their efforts on expanding Enhesa’s content on ESG. The content that she puts together can help Enhesa’s clients do better for the environment, their employees, and their communities.

Marina’s educational background is in law. She holds a Master’s degree in Land and Environmental Law (Brazil/Portugal) and a Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratization (Italy/UK).

In her day to day work, Marina has a completely diverse list of tasks and liaises with different stakeholders. She appreciates knowing how impactful Enhesa’s work (and her role) is.

In the EHS realm, Marina’s personal interest involves occupational health and workers’ safety. Additionally, for ESG topics, her main focus and passion are human rights discussions – especially regarding supply chain due diligence and challenges related to modern slavery. Marina would like to see a larger focus on labor issues and human rights due diligence.

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