Paula Galbiatti Silveira

Subject Matter Expert in Products, Sustainability & ESG 

Paula Galbiatti Silveira

Paula Galbiatti Silveira has been with Enhesa since 2020. She holds a Bachelor of Law degree, a Master of Law degree, a Doctorate of Law in Brazil and Germany, and is a Certified Expert in Climate and Renewable Energy Finance. She now proudly supports the team as the Subject Matter Expert in Products, Sustainability & ESG. 

By providing the most up-to-date regulations for companies to comply with EHS and product compliance matters and the most forward-looking documents and recommendations in sustainability & ESG, Paula strives to get companies closer to their sustainability goals. 

Paula enjoys working in the Enhesa environment with fantastic colleagues and and a topic she is passionate about. Working at Enhesa provides a unique opportunity for self-development while helping clients make a difference. 

The ESG topic she is most passionate about is nature protection in general, particularly climate, energy, and biodiversity. She has published an article on anti-greenwashing rules in ESG and contributed to several Sustainability and ESG topics on the Enhesa blog, for example, the Must-know sustainability and ESG terms. 

When asked about her hopes and vision for the future, Paula said, “To change business-as-usual and achieve sustainability for present and future generations within the planetary boundaries.” 

Paula believes that her work at Enhesa and the work of her peers will continue to shape the direction of companies toward a sustainable future. 

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