Melanie Rybar

Regulatory and Compliance Analyst

Melanie Rybar

Melanie Rybar has been a member of the Enhesa since January 2021 and is currently a Regulatory and Compliance Analyst on the DART Team. Holding a master’s degree in Product Stewardship from Purdue University Indianapolis, Melanie’s main role is to act as the team’s North American expert, making her responsible for that region’s content within Enhesa’s compliance solutions and other offerings. 

Before joining Enhesa, Melanie had a short stint as a regulatory specialist overseeing the Health, Safety, Environmental and Product (HSE-P) compliance for SK Functional Polymers with a focus on the Americas regions. Before this, she spent more than six years at the Pilot Chemical Company where she rose the ranks from laboratory technician to senior product safety and regulatory analyst, managing compliance for the whole company across the globe (and was also an Enhesa customer!). 

An experienced analyst, Melanie knows that the most important aspect of any product steward’s role is to effectively communicate regulations by translating regulatory jargon into understandable and actionable information. “It is essential that we are able to inform our customers about the sort of impact a regulation does or does not have on their business so that they can then make informed decisions,” she says. This is the aspect which Melanie enjoys most about her work—along with being able to “collaborate with other like-minded regulatory nerds” worldwide. 

When asked about her hopes and vision for the future of chemical management, Melanie said that she’s looking forward to seeing how sustainable chemistry begins to be incorporated into regulatory frameworks. This, she believes, will bring new types of regulation to comply with and keep her role fresh and interesting. “In the long run, sustainable chemistry will have a positive impact globally and I’m very interested to see how it all pans out.” 

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