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This guide is designed to help you understand the software that supports regulatory compliance and enables businesses to move beyond compliance and achieve safer chemicals in products throughout the supply chain.

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The Chemicals Management Software Guide is designed to connect our community of product safety and regulatory professionals to the latest software being used to meet the objectives of product safety teams around the globe. It also sheds light on the factors driving investment in software, the functionality currently available to product and compliance teams, the latest innovations on the market – and the platforms being used to deliver those solutions.  

Supporting these insights are the responses to our annual software survey which is distributed each year to organizations across key industry sectors, providing a unique snapshot of activity in the market. 

What’s inside the Guide?


Analysis of our chemicals management software user survey

Taken by more than 300 companies active in and around the chemical industry about their use of software, we report on the software our members rely on, its purpose, and the main drivers for future investment.  


Expert articles

Looking at how businesses are using software to meet their compliance obligations.  



Key terms explained and how we define them in the Guide.


Company software profiles and directory

Individual products/services and a comprehensive listing of software solutions dedicated to supporting to chemicals management activities. 

Editorial in the Guide


How are companies using software tools to help with their chemicals management tasks?

As the number of organizations that use software to support their chemical management requirements continues to grow, regulatory compliance remains the number one priority for IT solutions, the 2023 survey reveals. 


What are the latest trends in chemicals management for software for professionals?

The past 12 months have seen suppliers continue to expand their portfolios through acquisition and development, while tackling the latest challenges such as PFAS and problem solving with AI. 

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How can today’s software tools help with hazard communications?

Chemical Watch News & Insight science reporter Emma Davies examines the obligations facing product safety managers regarding hazard communication and asks how the latest software can help. 

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Published by Enhesa Product Intelligence

Enhesa Product Intelligence publishes news and intelligence to help companies meet responsibilities under chemicals legislation worldwide, including regimes such as REACH, CLP, GHS and TSCA. We keep you abreast of policy and business trends across Europe, North America, Asia and the rest of the world.

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