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Trustworthy reporting and analysis on the safe use of chemicals in products

Our team of experienced journalists bring you timely, impartial reporting and analysis on regulatory and non-regulatory drivers around the world impacting the safe use of chemicals in products.

From science and risk assessment to policy, legislation and voluntary initiatives, get global coverage of the issues that matter with enterprise-wide access to our best-in-class platform.

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The updates and intelligence your team needs to thrive

Our coverage helps product stewardship and compliance teams to make better, more informed decisions about product safety. With Chemical Watch News & Insight, your team can…


Proactively manage risk

Protect your business with a more expansive compliance outlook. See beyond current legislation to prepare for upcoming policy developments and key trends worldwide.


Understand the impact

Understand the details of major developments and assess the business impacts with the help of comment sourced from key regulatory, industry, scientific and other stakeholders.


Get a forward view

Horizon scan and identify trends to get on the front foot, buy time for impact assessment and timely substitutions, and feed into strategic decision-making. 

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Reporting that keeps you informed and up to date

Our reporting gives you the latest news on the key developments in chemicals regulation as it happens, giving you the chance to respond in time. Our members find that our reporting gives them the space to make confident, timely decisions and avoid being caught out by regulatory change. 

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Insight and analysis that helps you see the bigger picture

Our analysis, expert focus and comment pieces help you go beyond the headlines. In this content, our editorial team and carefully selected experts give you context, unpick the key trends and help you anticipate next steps. In short, we give you the insight you need to understand what’s happening and respond appropriately.

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In-depth analysis that gives you the whole story

Our exclusive, annual Global Outlook series is a must-read for all Chemical Watch News & Insight members. It provides comprehensive coverage of the key issues for the year ahead, giving you a valuable view of forthcoming issues and the regulatory and chemicals management changes on the horizon.  

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A portal that puts the key information at your fingertips

All our coverage is available 24/7 on our online platform, with powerful sharing and collaboration features for your team. We’ll also keep you informed of key updates through our email alert and notifications. 

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Very professional, accurate and timely information. Working in regulatory, it helps me keep ahead of potential changes.

Anca Gradinariu Global Manager, Regulatory Flavors & Fragrances, Colgate-Palmolive

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