Product compliance beyond chemicals

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Product safety professionals handle a broad range of compliance regulations. From the very start of the product lifecycle through to the end, compliance impacts decisions around the use of raw materials, market access, and, increasingly, end of life.

We know that chemicals compliance is fundamental to the work of most product safety professionals. Yet we recognize that product safety responsibilities often extend beyond the use of chemical substances. This is why we’ve expanded our Regulatory Database to include chemical regulations as well as broader product compliance regulations.

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From design to end of life

Through our Regulatory Database content sets, Enhesa Product Intelligence is now helping product safety professionals tackle compliance issues through the full lifecycle of a product – as well as issues related to the finished product.

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How to get access

Regulatory Database content set extensions sit on top of the Regulatory Database core chemicals foundation.

Each extension focuses on a specific area or sector, helping you achieve full visibility of your regulatory environment in chemicals and beyond.



Extensive coverage of all legislation and other regulatory obligations that cover chemical content restrictions in products, and regulatory developments for general management of chemical products – across 279 jurisdictions.


Electrical & Electronic Equipment (EEE)

Electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) coverage across 279 jurisdictions including batteries, light bulbs and product packaging and issues such as air emissions, energy efficiency general safety requirements and, electrical safety.



Coverage across 50 jurisdictions of regulation affecting domestic and contract furniture, plus upholstered and reupholstered furniture, children’s and outdoor furniture and more. Issues include sustainable sourcing requirements, import/export restrictions, EPR, and end-of-life.


Connectivity & Interference

Regulatory requirements for equipment and devices that connect to a network and transfer data. Health and safety issues include exposure to non-ionizing radiation, electromagnetic combability, physical injury and illness, and regulations impacting digital security.


Medical Devices

Medical device coverage across 50 jurisdictions including equipment, instruments, apparatus, implants, materials and more and issues such as safety requirements, classification of medical devices, manufacturing practices, used and reconditioned products and take-back.



Regulatory requirements for textiles and products containing textile parts. Health and safety issues include flammability, labeling, sourcing requirements, the use of certain chemicals to treat textiles and more.



Regulatory requirements covering machinery and parts of machinery used in industrial, office and residential settings. Coverage includes noise restrictions, energy efficiency, labeling, packaging, registration and more.


Interactive Coverage Tool

Learn more about our coverage with our interactive coverage tool, including geographical coverage, a breakdown of what’s covered and more.

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