Upskill, monitor key trends and share best practices with peers

Professional Development membership

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Stay ahead of the curve with our insight and training

Professional Development membership arms you and your team with the latest product safety and compliance intelligence and insight from industry leaders, regulators and experts. This helps you make well-informed compliance decisions, gives your team the skills they need to work effectively, and helps you stay on top of the ever-changing risks in this space.

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The knowledge and training your team needs to thrive

Through our Chemical Watch Events & Training program we make it easier for your team to upskill and refresh their knowledge. With Professional Development membership, your team can…


Track industry trends

At our Chemical Watch Events & Training conferences, experts explain the latest developments, so you can be sure you’re always ahead of the ball.


Learn from thought-leaders

With our network of leading product compliance professionals, you can learn from peers facing the same challenges you are.


Upskill your team

Our training keeps your knowledge current and gives your team the skills they need to work effectively.

Dive deeper into Professional Development

Stay updated

With virtual conferences

Build skills

With instructor-led training

Pace yourself

With eLearning courses

Catch up

With on-demand content
Get updates from experts on the topics that matter

At our virtual Chemical Watch Events & Training conferences, you can hear experts, regulators, industry figures and more discuss the latest developments. You can also take part in interactive Q&A sessions and learn from your peers in our networking spaces.

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Update your skills with high-quality training

We offer an impressive selection of online training courses throughout the year. Our expert trainers bring the content to life, helping you to get to grips with even challenging subject matter while keeping the flexibility of an online format.

Learn in your own way with self-paced eLearning

We offer eLearning courses on a variety of topics, ranging from beginner to advanced, on a wide variety of topics, from REACH to principles of toxicology. Our eLearning is interactive, designed to accommodate different learning styles.

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Access your content on-demand and when you need it

In addition to watching live, you can also watch Chemical Watch Events & Training content on our portal. That means you’ll never have to worry about missing an event, plus you’ll have an extensive on-demand library of content to draw on when you need it.


Professional Development membership fills personal knowledge gaps, prepares me for future challenges, builds team processes and supports my team.

Cecille De Asis Senior Engineer, Emerson

How much do you get access to with membership?

Getting Professional Development membership gives you and your team access to a massive library of assets, resources, and training covering a wide range of important topics.

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