Chemicals in food contact materials

How do you manage the risks of chemicals in your food contact materials?

Monitor every regulatory development affecting food contact materials

The packaging of food is crucial to its safe and effective delivery from farm and factory to fork. But the food contact materials (FCM) used and their composition have, in recent years, become an increasing source of concern, not least because products such as cookware and food packaging can contain types of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs).

These concerns have led to a flurry of regulatory action, much of it piecemeal and some overarching. At Enhesa Product Intelligence, we have extensive experience in monitoring FCM regulatory developments across jurisdictions, keeping product safety and compliance professionals up to date.

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Recent news coverage of food contact materials

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Brazil updates regulations governing food contact metals

30 April 2024 | Amendments implement Mercosur technical standards, align with certain EU requirements

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Brazil proposes authorising four substances for use in food packaging

18 April 2024 | Drafts would incorporate Mercosur standards

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

US FDA to scrutinise compliance with GRAS regulations

8 April 2024 | Food program head anticipates further chemical reevaluations

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