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Regulatory Database

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Your comprehensive view of the global regulatory environment

Get full visibility of regulatory requirements across 279 jurisdictions. Understand what you need to do now, in the future and what the changes mean for your business and products. Our team of more than 160 experts monitors and interprets the regulation for you, providing it in a consistent, easy-to-use format. 

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Get a comprehensive view

Comprehensive coverage, including legal documentation, expert analysis and summaries, mean you have all the information you need. All in one place.


Reduce risk

Reduce the risk of non-compliance by eliminating knowledge gaps and out-of-date information to ensure smooth and constant market access.


Save time & resources

Replace resource-intensive internal tools, save valuable time for your team, and remove the burden and responsibility of sourcing information.

Expansive coverage and detailed analysis

Covering 279 jurisdictions, monitored and interpreted by 160 in-house expert analysts, Regulatory Database is a complete library of product regulations, combined with concise summaries and detailed analysis to help you understand the changes and impacts.


Expansive scope
Covers a wide range of product compliance regulatory areas across the product life cycle.

Consistent standardised structure
Easy to navigate, find and view applicable items.

Invaluable intelligence at your fingertips
Provides easy access and links to source documents and linked regulations.


Powerful discovery and collaboration features  
Search and filtering tools, personalised views and notifications, and valuable collaborative features.

Fully integrated with Enhesa Product Intelligence
Works with our membership products including Chemical Watch News & Insight and Professional Development.

Practical content views and tools

Regulatory Database allows you to search, filter and navigate through more than 65,000 pieces of content. We’ve also created practical structured content views and tools to help you organise your regulatory work effectively.

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Comply now

With Baselines

Monitor changes

With forecasters

Optimise workflows

With registers
Baseline content gives you the data you need to comply today

Baselines give you a comprehensive view of in-force regulation. Our structured content details the main requirements and gives you a brief view of how it’s changed over time, plus plain English summaries that are ideal for stakeholders without a regulatory background.

Forecaster content helps you manage the impact of change

Forecasters keep you informed of recent, pending and draft regulations so you can prepare for regulatory change. We unpack the potential business impacts and actionable requirements to give you a view of what’s happening and how it might affect you.

Build a collaborative, structured workspace for your team

Registers give you the tools you need to collaborate, share and review regulations with your team, built into Regulatory Database. You can assign content and manage permissions, making it easy to get the right data to the right person and preserve organisational knowledge.


Stay up to date on key compliance topics








Product labeling








Energy efficiency & EMC


EU Green Deal



More coverage

Chemical restrictions in products

Medical device regulations

Occupational health limits

China MEE Order 12



California Proposition 65

Product-specific standards


SCIP Database

Packaging & packaging waste

Raw materials sourcing and conflict minerals

Substances of concern

Transport of Dangerous Goods

Product certification

Chemical regulatory frameworks

Sustainability & circularity

Product safety

Classification, labelling & SDS

Green chemistry & products

Children products

Registration, notification & declaration

Eco-labelling & design

Recall and post-sale management

Water efficiency

Connected devices

User information

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Regulatory Database has been helpful because I just jump in there and see the implemented regulation and forecasts. It helps me to be sure that I have the right information about the work I’m doing.

Regulatory and Compliance Program Manager, HP

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