PFAS regulation: Is your business ready?

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PFAS restrictions on the horizon

The use of PFAS is a major focus for regulatory authorities worldwide right now. In Europe, the REACH restriction proposal aims to place limits on all uses of more than 10,000 per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. Meanwhile, in the US, restrictions are high on the agenda in several states.

The increasing number of actions being taken against the so-called “forever chemicals” presents a real challenge for those in chemicals management, and staying ahead of changing PFAS regulation is essential for product safety and compliance professionals managing chemicals.

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How Enhesa Product Intelligence can help your product safety

As the leading global provider of intelligence and insight for product safety professionals, Enhesa Product Intelligence helps businesses to be ready for PFAS regulation and the impact on products and markets through:

  • Virtual events and training with key stakeholders and experts.
  • Award-winning news coverage and analysis.
  • World-class compliance tools to track every new regulation.

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PFAS regulatory developments

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